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Make the Most of Your Dental Insurance Benefits: There’s Still Time!

November 7, 2014

140450744November is upon us, and with it come the inevitable preparations for holiday gatherings and family traditions we all know and love. As 2014 quickly comes to a close, chances are that you have plenty on your mind aside from your dental insurance benefits. While it is true that visiting the dentist probably isn’t at the top of your list of things to do as you get ready for the holidays, you might be surprised as to why it should be. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Matt Mauck and Dr. Nicholas D’Amico would like to take a moment to talk about the importance of utilizing your dental benefits before the end of the year.

Putting Your Dental Benefits to Work for You

If you are anything like the majority of working American adults, it’s likely that a portion of your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay goes toward a premium for a dental benefits policy. No one likes to pay for a service they’ll never get to use, and your dental benefits aren’t any different.

Did you know that thousands of men and women who pay into a dental benefits plan never actually utilize any of their benefits? Make sure that you’re getting the most for your hard-earned money this year and visit Drs. D’Amico and Mauck before December 31st. This is the date on which most dental insurance plans reset, rendering any unused benefits forfeited; they don’t roll over at the end of the year. When it comes to dental benefits, if you don’t use it, you lose it! We can help you get the care you need and deserve, making it easier to put every penny of the premiums you’ve paid to great use.

Reserve Your Appointment Today

Whether you are overdue for a six month checkup or you have important questions about your dental insurance benefits, our team is here to help in every way we can. In fact, our experienced financial coordinator will even file your claims for you so that you can rest assured that all paperwork is taken care of properly. Contact our office today to schedule your visit with Dr. D’Amico and Dr. Mauck. We genuinely look forward to helping you reveal your healthiest, most attractive smile just in time for the holidays. Our state-of-the-art dental practice in Aurora, CO warmly welcomes families from Aurora, Denver, Parker, Englewood, Centennial, Denver Tech Center, and more.

How Can Implant-Retained Dentures Help You? Restorative Dentistry in Aurora, CO

October 9, 2014

Millions of American men and women wear dentures, but this removable restorative prosthetic isn’t the right answer for everyone. Advances in modern restorative dentistry now make it possible for dentists to offer a wider variety of tooth replacement solutions, including implant-retained dentures. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck provide edentulous patients with a way to enjoy a fully functional bite and a gorgeous smile that looks and feels completely natural.

494375087Advantages of Implant-Retained Dentures

While traditional dentures do meet the basic needs of many Americans, a substantial number of patients missing all of their teeth are more inclined to seek a more permanent and stable tooth replacement solution. Fortunately, it is now possible to combine the realistic look of custom dentures with the security and support afforded by dental implants.

With implant-retained dentures, the full arch of custom-crafted replacement teeth is affixed to the jaw using biocompatible titanium posts. These metal implants are surgically placed within the bone of the jaw for unparalleled stability. Worries of slipping dentures, discomfort, and embarrassing moments when speaking or eating become a thing of the past. You can finally enjoy the freedom and confidence that comes with knowing that your dentures will stay in place, no matter what. Drs. D’Amico & Mauck will happily sit down with you to discuss your unique case, your needs, and your expectations. Our goal is to ensure your comfort, health, and happiness, and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have regarding our restorative dentistry solutions.

Implant-Retained Dentures: Restore Your Confidence

Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with our experienced, knowledgeable doctors and staff. We genuinely look forward to providing you with exceptional dental care in an environment that is as high-tech as it is warm and welcoming. Our dental practice in Aurora, CO is privileged to serve families from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Centennial, Denver, Englewood, Parker, Denver Tech Center, and beyond.

Vital Information about Oral Cancer Screening from D’Amico & Mauck, DDS

September 6, 2014

490822345Oral cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer in America, affecting an estimated 43,250 men and women every year. Because its symptoms aren’t often evident until the disease has progressed to an advanced stage, oral cancer screening is an imperative component of successful diagnosis and treatment. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck provide patients in Aurora, CO and nearby areas with a comprehensive array of general dentistry services, including oral cancer screening.

Understanding Oral Cancer and Screening

The earliest symptoms of oral cancer are often mistaken for minor problems like toothaches or even sinus infections. Because cancerous cells and pre-cancerous lesions can be incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to see with the naked eye, the American Dental Association (ADA) strongly recommends routine oral cancer screening at every periodic exam (twice yearly in most cases). Between visits, monitor the soft tissues within your mouth and call us immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • A thickening of tissue in the cheek
  • Unexplained pain in the teeth and/or jaw
  • Persistent hoarseness and/or sore throat
  • Difficulty moving the tongue or jaw
  • Red or white patches anywhere in the mouth
  • Mouth sores that do not heal after several weeks
  • Teeth that become loose
  • A change in the way dental prosthetics (like bridges and dentures) fit with the jaw
  • Numbness or tingling
  • The sensation that something is caught in the throat

While it is true that certain activities – including smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol – do increase your risk for oral cancer, thousands of patients affected by the disease do not engage in these behaviors. You may be in perfect physical health and still fall victim to this aggressive disease, which is why oral cancer screening at your general dentistry checkups is so important.

Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening Today

Contact our office today to reserve your appointment with Drs. D’Amico and Mauck in Aurora, CO. Our experienced, caring doctors and team welcome entire families from throughout Aurora and the surrounding areas, including Parker, Denver, Centennial, Englewood, Denver Tech Center, and beyond. We look forward to becoming your trusted partners in your lifelong pursuit of optimal oral health.

Repair and Restore with Custom Tooth-Colored Fillings in Aurora, CO

August 20, 2014

476106489Dental fillings are among the most commonly performed dental procedures today, providing a structurally compromised tooth with the strength it needs to function even after it has been affected by decay. For decades, fillings were made of an amalgam of silver, mercury, and other metals, but today’s dental technology makes it possible for us to provide a much better alternative. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck offer patients a modern restorative option that blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth: composite tooth-colored fillings.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The most obvious benefit associated with tooth-colored fillings is the aesthetic factor. Because the composite resin is precisely color-matched to the natural shade of your tooth enamel, the worry of a conspicuous dark metal filling is a thing of the past. This is particularly important when the filling is required on a tooth surface that is clearly visible when you smile. With tooth-colored fillings, you can feel free to smile openly. No one will be able to tell that you’ve had a filling placed because the results look completely natural.

Another prime benefit of tooth-colored fillings is their resistance to changes in temperature. While metal fillings have been shown to expand and contract due to extreme heat or cold, composites maintain their size and shape. This means that there is a significantly reduced risk of microfractures in the enamel over time. Furthermore, tooth-colored fillings allow for the preservation of more tooth enamel, meaning that we can preserve more of your natural smile than with silver amalgam restorations.

Achieve Your Healthiest, Most Beautiful Smile

Drs. D’Amico and Mauck look forward to helping your smile look and feel its best with our extensive array of restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and learn more about the advantages afforded by tooth-colored fillings. Our family-friendly dental practice in Aurora, CO proudly serves patients from neighborhoods in surrounding communities as well, including Denver, Centennial, Denver Tech Center, Parker, Englewood, and more.

Preventive Family Dental Care in Aurora, CO for a Healthy Back-to-School Smile

August 6, 2014

140303575As the summer break draws to a close, busy parents from across the country are gearing up for the coming school year. There are school supplies to buy, schedules to coordinate, and plenty else to do as your prepare your children for their first day back to school. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck want to make getting your little one’s smile ready for school as easy and convenient as possible, so we offer a comprehensive selection of family and children’s dentistry services all under one convenient roof.

Preventive Care for the Whole Family

When it comes to keeping your child’s smile healthy and looking its best, preventive dental care visits are crucial. It is during this type of appointment that we get the opportunity to assess the overall health of the teeth and gums, providing extra protection against tooth decay as needed. We may recommend treatments like fluoride supplements and dental sealants, both of which help fortify tooth enamel and protect teeth from cavities. Fluoride treatment strengthens enamel by correcting the demineralization that occurs with everyday eating and drinking, and sealants offer an extra layer of defense against bacteria and acid erosion.

A routine preventive dental visit also gives our doctors a chance to talk to your child about home hygiene habits in a way they can understand. Working as a team, parents and their child’s dentist can ensure years of healthy, beautiful smiles free of decay and other concerns. We’ll always take the time to makes sure your son or daughter is completely comfortable and that you’re fully apprised of all treatments we recommend.

Schedule Your Child’s Visit Today

When school gets underway, we know you’ll be busier than ever. That’s why we encourage you to schedule your child’s preventive care visit now, ensuring a happy and healthy smile for the semester to come. Contact our office today and talk to our friendly, caring team about how just one simple visit can make all the difference in your child’s oral health. Our state-of-the-art dental practice in Aurora, CO warmly welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Englewood, Denver, Centennial, Denver Tech Center, Parker, and beyond.

Is This a Dental Emergency? Helpful Tips from D’Amico & Mauck, DDS

July 21, 2014

shutterstock_94401604Despite our best laid plans and precautionary measures, accidents do happen. Do you know what constitutes a dental emergency or what you should do right away if one occurs? Any injury to the teeth, gums, jaw, or mouth should be considered serious and addressed accordingly. Keep this information from Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck in mind and make sure your family is fully prepared should a dental emergency arise.

What is a Dental Emergency?

The following are the most common types of dental emergencies, along with suggestions regarding first-aid care until you are able to visit our practice or an emergency room.

  • Cracked tooth or chipped tooth. Rinse your mouth gently with warm water and retain any pieces of tooth that you can, rinsing these as well. If the area is bleeding, use a piece of sterile gauze to apply light pressure until bleeding stops. Contact us as soon as possible.
  • Tooth that has been knocked out. Holding the tooth by the crown (the portion that is usually visible in the mouth), gently rinse it with clean water to remove any dirt or debris. Do not scrub the tooth or attempt to remove any attached tissue. Ensuring that it is facing the proper way, try to place the tooth back into its socket gently. If the tooth will not remain in its socket, simply place it in a small cup or bag of milk to preserve it and see our office immediately. In many cases, a tooth that has been knocked out can be replaced if treated by a dentist in a timely manner.
  • Lost crown or filling. The first thing you should do is make an appointment with our office as soon as possible so that we can repair your restoration. In the case of a lost crown, it may be feasible to replace it temporarily with over-the-counter dental cement or denture adhesive. Avoid eating or drinking anything that contains sugar; this will intensify any pain or sensitivity you may be experiencing.
  • Soft tissue injury. If you have suffered a laceration or other injury to the tongue, gums, inner cheeks, or lips and you are not able to stop the bleeding with normal first-aid, contact our office immediately. Keep the area clean in the meantime and use a cold compress to minimalize pain and swelling.

At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS, our doctors hope that you never experience a dental emergency, but if you do, know that we are here to help. Contact our office in Aurora, CO today. We look forward to providing your family with superior dental care that suits your lifestyle and your unique needs. We also serve patients from throughout the nearby cities of Denver, Englewood, Parker, Centennial, and more.

Proper Toothbrush Care: More Important Than You May Think

July 13, 2014

shutterstock_140040793Every day, you brush your teeth to keep your smile healthy and looking its best. You know it’s an important part of your day and it’s been a consistent habit for years. How often, though, do you actually take the time to really consider your toothbrush? At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck help patients achieve their healthiest, most beautiful smiles through a variety of general dentistry services, including patient education. Part of that education involves proper home care and explaining the importance of maintaining your toothbrush.

Taking Care of the Brush that Cares for Your Smile

Our doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste to prevent the buildup of plaque, a sticky substance that contains decay-causing bacteria. The CDC also suggests the following toothbrush care techniques to keep your smile safe from cavities, bad breath, and more.

  1. Never share your toothbrush, even with a spouse or family member. This may lead to a variety of health problems, including the spread of infection.
  2. After each use, rinse your brush with tap water to remove any remaining debris and toothpaste. Store it upright and allow it to dry; avoid closeable travel toothbrush holders that keep the bristles from drying. This can lead to the growth of bacteria.
  3. Replace your toothbrush approximately every three months, or even sooner if the bristles show obvious signs of wear and tear. The American Dental Association (ADA) bases this recommendation on the effectiveness of the brush after regular use rather than the potential for bacterial contamination.
  4. It is not necessary to soak your toothbrush in any kind of specialized disinfectant or mouthwash unless otherwise directed by your dentist. In fact, this practice may result in unintentional cross-contamination if multiple brushes are soaked in the same solution.

Other Important Oral Health Basics

In addition to brushing and flossing at home, it is vital that you and your family visit our office for routine exams and thorough cleanings about once every six months. Contact our office in Aurora, CO today to schedule your visit with Drs. D’Amico and Mauck and our friendly team. We look forward to seeing and serving your beautiful smile! Our state-of-the-art dental practice also happily serves patients from the surrounding areas, including Denver, Parker, Englewood, Centennial, and beyond.

Athletic Mouthguards Help Keep Your Smile Safe this Summer

June 25, 2014

Shutterstock Mouth Guard Athletic BaseballAs the weather grows warmer and school lets out for the summer, kids and adults of all ages are gearing up for some fun on the field and on the court. Summer sports are a great way to spend time with family and friends, and the beginning of the season is a great time to make sure that we’re taking all the right safety precautions for ourselves and our kids. Athletic mouthguards, recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Academy of Sports Dentistry, have been shown to significantly reduce the severity of injuries sustained while playing a variety of sports. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, our team offers a variety of general and family dentistry solutions, including the customization of protective athletic mouthguards.

The Importance of Athletic Mouthguards in Recreational Activity

Every year, more than 5 million teeth are avulsed, or forcibly knocked out, during competitive recreational activities. Many of these incidents can be prevented with the use of a customized athletic mouthguard. Other dental and orofacial injuries commonly sustained include lacerations of the lips and tongue, fractures to the jaw, crown and root fractures, and trauma to the gums.

The American Dental Association (ADA) strongly urges the use of an athletic mouthguard during gameplay to prevent orofacial and dental injuries. Some of the common sports included in the ADA’s list include the following:

  • Basketball, football, and soccer
  • Ice hockey, field hockey, and inline skating
  • Racquetball and tennis
  • Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts
  • Softball and baseball

It is estimated that more than $500 million is spent on treating orofacial injuries every year. Protect yourself and your children this summer with an athletic mouthguard from Drs. D’Amico and Mauck.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Is your child involved in sports or other recreational activities? Protect your little one’s precious smile with a customized oral appliance from D’Amico & Mauck, DDS. We look forward to helping you and/or your children preserve your oral health and comfort this season with athletic mouthguards that fit your lifestyle and protect your smile. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with our skilled, experienced doctors and friendly staff. Our family-friendly, state-of-the-art practice in Aurora, CO also warmly welcomes patients from nearby communities in Englewood, Parker, Centennial, Denver, and beyond.

Caring for Your Dentures: Helpful Tips from D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO

June 12, 2014

shutterstock_179301155You want your dentures to last, fit well, and look great; the only way to accomplish this is to ensure that they are cared for properly and regularly. At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck offer our patients helpful information regarding all aspects of restorative dentistry, including how to properly care for their dentures, partials, and other dental prosthetics. Here are some simple tips that can help you keep your dentures in optimal shape for years to come.

Easy-to-Follow Denture Care Tips

  • Always handle with care. Your dentures are crafted specifically for you using high-quality dental materials, but they can still be damaged. When you remove your dentures, do so over a folded towel or a sink full of water. This will help prevent breakage if they should be accidentally dropped.
  • Clean daily and after meals. Rinsing your dentures after eating will help prevent the buildup of plaque and odor-causing bacteria. Every night, remove your dentures and brush them with a special brush and cleansing agent designed for cleaning dentures; regular toothbrushes and toothpastes can be too abrasive and actually cause unnecessary damage.
  • Store dentures properly. The way you store your dentures when you are not wearing them is extremely important. Dentures must be kept moist so that they maintain their shape, so keep them in a container of specialized soaking solution or water. Never place your dentures in hot water, as they may warp and will no longer fit properly.

Your Trusted Partners in Lifelong Oral Health

At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS, we believe that every patient deserves to experience the full benefits of a healthy, happy, and beautiful smile. Contact our office in Aurora, CO today to schedule your appointment with our experienced doctors and caring staff. We look forward to showing you what a difference our dedication and skill can make in your oral health and in your life. Our conveniently located dental practice happily serves patients from throughout Aurora and the surrounding areas, including Englewood, Parker, Centennial, Denver, and beyond.

When Do Teeth Fall Out? What to Expect and When

May 22, 2014

Shutterstock Little Girl at DentistFor an adult, the prospect of losing a tooth can be terrifying – unless, of course, you are the proud parent of a little one who is looking forward to his or her first visit from the tooth fairy! At D’Amico & Mauck, DDS in Aurora, CO, Dr. Nicholas D’Amico and Dr. Matt Mauck offer a wide range of general and family dentistry services, as well as accurate, reliable information for parents looking to keep their child’s smile healthy and looking great.

Tooth Loss Time Table

In most cases, a child’s primary teeth (more commonly referred to as baby teeth) begin to grow loose naturally at around the age of five or six. Girls typically precede boys in tooth eruption and loss, though this isn’t always the case. Teeth will generally fall out in the order in which they erupted, with the two bottom front teeth – lower central incisors – coming out first. The two top teeth, or upper central incisors, are next. By the age of about 9 to 12, all four of the canines will be lost and replaced gradually by adult teeth.

Under normal circumstances, all primary teeth will have been lost by the age of about 12 or 13 years. It is important to remember that, while baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent ones, their care during these formative years is still incredibly important. Proper oral hygiene at home and regular visits to our office will ensure that your child’s smile remains as healthy as it is bright.

Tooth Loss as an Adult

Of course, tooth loss doesn’t only affect children. The loss of a permanent tooth is a very serious event and should be addressed as soon as possible by our trusted team of doctors and staff. If you are an adult and are missing one or more permanent teeth, please contact our office to schedule your consultation with Drs. D’Amico and Mauck. We’d be happy to provide you with a full array of tooth replacement options, including crown and bridgework, dentures and partials, and dental implants.

D’Amico & Mauck: Your Trusted Source for Comprehensive Care

Whether your child has already begun to lose his or her primary teeth and you have concerns regarding childhood oral health, or you’d simply like to schedule a routine checkup appointment, we’re here to help. Contact our office in Aurora, CO today and speak with our caring, experienced staff. Our conveniently located office proudly serves families from throughout the Aurora area, as well as nearby communities in Denver, Englewood, Centennial, Parker, and beyond.

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