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Smile Makeover – Aurora, CO

Transform Your Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Your teeth are influential to your self-esteem. If they have been damaged by trauma, poor lifestyle choices, improper oral hygiene habits, or even genetics, you may hide your mouth when speaking, smiling, or taking pictures. You do not need to feel insecure about your appearance. With a smile makeover in Aurora, Mauck & Ricci, DDS will transform your teeth. Our customized approach will give you a reason to smile using treatments catering to the results you want to achieve.

What is a Smile Makeover?

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If you have several issues impacting the color, size, shape, or proportion of your teeth, a smile makeover may be the solution for you. It uses carefully selected cosmetic procedures to improve your smile. In some cases, it can also involve certain restorative services to also enhance the health and function of your teeth.

The treatments are specifically chosen based on your individual needs and the results you want to achieve. Your cosmetic dentist in Aurora explains your treatment plan during your initial consultation to feel confident in your decision to move forward.

What Can a Smile Makeover Fix?

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A smile makeover is effective for correcting several imperfections, such as dark discoloration, spacing or alignment concerns, and missing or damaged teeth. In addition, the length, texture, and proportion of your teeth are also considered when choosing the treatments to use.

What Can I Expect?

Depending on your personalized treatment plan, you can expect your smile transformation to occur in various phases, which will include multiple appointments. The treatments needed can include:

Smile Makeover FAQs

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Is a Smile Makeover Safe?

Luckily, you can rest easy with smile makeovers. They’re as harmless as any other cosmetic dental service. In other words, they won’t damage your teeth or gums.

First, makeover procedures are often non-invasive. Those like teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding only apply gel and resin. Plus, such chemicals aren’t toxic and won’t hurt your enamel or gum tissues.

Next, any invasive cosmetic work takes precautions. For instance, crowns and veneers are safe despite their prep work. While a dentist does remove enamel to place them, the prosthetics compensate by protecting your otherwise exposed tooth.

Lastly, dentists won’t perform cosmetic procedures that don’t suit you. Pre-existing oral problems – tooth decay, gum disease, etc. – can interfere with treatment. If you have such an issue, the dentist will fix it before going forward.

How Long Does a Smile Makeover Last?

Usually, the lifespan of a smile makeover varies. How long it lasts depends on the included procedures. You see, some cosmetic services endure longer than others.

For instance, take quick and easy treatments. Procedures like teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding don’t usually last long. The materials they apply to your teeth (gel, resin, etc.) aren’t durable or persistent. (An exception is cosmetic gum sculpting, which is fast and delivers permanent results.)

On the other hand, more involved treatments are long-lasting. After all, veneers and crowns rely on dental-grade porcelain. This ceramic has a lengthy lifespan when it’s well-maintained.

Can A Smile Makeover Align Your Smile, Bite, or Jaw?

Based on the practice and their options, a smile makeover can include alignment work. You just need to bring up the matter during your consultation.

Consider us at Mauck & Ricci. Our veneers can’t shift teeth into position, but they can hide crooked or misshapen chompers. (Veneers have thus earned the nickname of “instant orthodontics.”) Meanwhile, dental bonding can also hide misshapen teeth with its special resin.

Can I See Smile Makeover Results Ahead of Time?

As a matter of fact, yes – you can see smile makeover results beforehand. How that works, though, will depend on the practice you visit. Different dentists have different methods.

Some practices (including our own) provide before-and-after photos. As such, you could view pictures of patients who received work similar to what you want. You’d then better understand what to expect from your treatment results.

In contrast, other dentists rely on something called virtual smile design. This software creates a digital mockup of your grin that previews expected results. By doing so, it lets you grasp how different procedures would affect your teeth and gums.

During the initial consultation, ask your dentist about their preview methods. They’ll walk you through the available choices.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

If you do not love the smile you see in the mirror, your dentist in Aurora can help. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for a smile makeover.

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