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Why Two Dentists May Just be Better Than One

May 16, 2018

Drs. Mauck and RicciHave you heard the old adage, “Two heads are better than one?” This saying is used to promote the efficacy of teamwork in solving a number of challenges. You may never have thought of this in association with choosing a dentistry practice, but actually, patients who visit multi-dentist practices often receive better dental care than those who receive treatment from single dentist offices. At the Aurora dental office of D’Amico & Mauck, DDS, our two skilled dentists work as a team to support one another and ensure we always provide patients with the highest quality dental care.

A Fantastic Aurora Family Dentist

June 29, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-512518103If you dedicate countless hours every week driving your kids to practices, meetings, and to hang out with friends, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time. In Aurora, CO, Dr.s Nicholas D’Amico and Matt Mauck can help you save some drive time by caring for the oral health of your entire family. Except for a few extraordinary cases, children don’t need to see a pediatric dentist. Your family dentists Dr.s D’Amico and Mauck are well equipped to meet the dental care needs of your whole family. We can even schedule a block of time in advance for your whole family to receive their checkups and cleanings. Whether you’re interested in pediatric or geriatric dental care, call D’Amico & Mauck to schedule an appointment today. (more…)

Extra Protection from Concussion with an Athletic Mouthguard

August 31, 2012

If you play a contact sport like football, hockey, or boxing, you know how important an athletic mouthguard is for protecting your teeth and tongue. But did you know that an athletic mouthguard can also offer extra protection from concussions?

It’s true!

A custom-made athletic mouthguard will actually absorb some of the force incurred from falls, collisions, or other forms of physical activity during play, helping athletes avoid a serious concussion. You might think of them as acting like shock absorbers that protect the jaw and the base of the skull from becoming violently jarred.

That makes wearing an athletic mouthguard absolutely essential for some sports, like the ones mentioned above. But it’s not just football players and hockey players who can benefit. The American Dental Association and the Academy of Sports Dentistry recommends that athletes from just about any sport wear an athletic mouthguard, including athletes involved in:

  • Basketball
  • Track and field
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial arts
  • Skateboarding
  • Soccer
  • Softball, and more

To find out more about how athletic mouthguards can offer you extra protection from concussions and other injuries, call the dental office of D’Amico and Mauck today. During a simple visit with us at our Aurora office, we’d be happy to explain the advantages and how we can help you.

We look forward to hearing from you!