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When Smiles Don’t Sit Well: 4 Complications of Ill-Fitting Dentures

March 14, 2024

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An older man suffering from ill-fitting dentures

Your dentures should fit snugly and comfortably at their best. That’s only natural – a dental lab customizes them to ensure they suit your mouth. Still, these prosthetic teeth can start to feel “off” over time. They can then cause health issues until they’re corrected. If you think your own don’t fit well, your dental practice can help you find out for sure. Read on to learn four complications of ill-fitting dentures and why to see a dentist for them.

What Effects Do Ill-Fitting Dentures Have?

If left unchecked, ill-fitting dentures can harm your mouth. Their most notable health effects include the following:

A Sore Mouth

While often overlooked, your gums are tissues and have nerve endings. They’ll feel pains and aches if they’re put under excess pressure. Unfortunately, it’s that sort of pressure that ill-fitting dentures can create. The result is a rather unpleasant soreness, even more so for those with a TMJ disorder.

Swollen Gums

When dentures don’t fit your mouth’s contours, they’ll often rub against your gums. This rubbing leads to friction and pressure – elements that can make your gum tissue swollen and irritated. Over time, these swelling gums can then suffer injuries and bleeding.

Trouble Speaking

Remember, one of the main benefits of dentures is how they help you speak. Your tongue can rely on these devices’ artificial teeth to form words clearly. So, ill-fitting ones that move around can interfere with that process. You’d then be at risk of speech impediments and social awkwardness.

Angular Cheilitis

Among other things, ill-fitting dentures can lead to an uneven bite. That unevenness will likely make saliva pool near the corners of your mouth. The gathered bacteria could then trigger angular cheilitis – an infection caused by the overgrowth of yeast. This condition forms red irritated streaks on one or both corners of the mouth.

Let Your Dentist Help

To avoid the effects above, you should take your dentures to your local dentist. They’ll assess your prosthetic teeth and respond with a proper treatment.

Indeed, dentists have several ways to address ill-fitting dentures. The first is a denture relining, which adds material to the device’s inner plate. This approach helps the restorations fit better when they just need minor changes. On the other hand, a dentist could simply replace the old denture. A new one is ideal when the current prosthetics have a large break or fracture.

You don’t need to suffer the complications of ill-fitting dentures. Instead, avoid the risks above and ask your local dentist for help.

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