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Your Dental Implant Is Failing, but Help Is Available!

June 3, 2022

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Graphic of a dental implant.

Dental implants are in a tier of their own when it comes to correcting a compromised smile! These tiny titanium posts have become widely sought after for their awesome abilities and impressive results. However, dental implants can still fail in certain cases and jeopardize your oral health if nothing is done about it. If you have an implant that seems loose and you’re starting to feel a little concerned, you might not know what your options are. But there’s no need to panic—it’s nothing your dentist in Aurora can’t handle! Keep reading to learn more about why implants fail, along with what you can expect when it needs to be removed.

Why Do Dental Implants Sometimes Fail?

Dental implants can fail for a variety of reasons, but most can be categorized into two types based on timing:

Early failures occur within the first few months of the implant being placed. This usually happens because the implant is still very loose due to things like movement during the healing process, lack of stability, infection, and the overall healing ability of the patient. However, early failures are typically simple to correct, as the implant is often loose enough to easily be removed and replaced.

Late failures occur after one year, and they’re a little more complicated to deal with. Sometimes an implant starts out just fine, but loses stability over time due to infection, excess pressure, or even physical trauma. Other times, they can remain quite sturdy and firm, but X-rays will reveal signs of “perio-implantitis,” which is a disease that destroys the bone around the base of the implant. This can cause serious pain, abscesses, and foul breath, and the implant will need to come out immediately.

How Are Failed Dental Implants Removed?

If your dentist has determined that your implant is failing and needs to go, they’ll likely take one of two different approaches. One method involves safely cutting a small portion of your bone along the edge of the implant. This allows your dentist to release a lot of the built-up tension and makes the implant much easier to remove. It’s also good to know that your dentist will take a conservative approach and attempt to preserve as much of your bone as possible!

The other method used involves a special set of tools that are attached to the implant. They apply a very high amount of reverse torque and remove the implant in a mere matter of minutes. If this sounds a little crazy, don’t worry—it’s completely safe and comfortable, and effectively removes the implant without any extra complications (like potentially removing too much bone).

Your dental implants are an important part of your life; they allow you to comfortably talk, eat, laugh, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you believe your dental implant is failing, talk with your dentist about having it removed. The process is fairly straightforward and certain to help get your smile back on track.

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